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Our line of work requires that each model interested in doing a video or photo shoot apply. To apply, you may visit our online application form to submit pictures and tell us more about your freaky side and just how you can contribute to the sexy line-up of models we already have.


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Please take the time to look through our website to get an idea of what we offer a premier adult entertainment company. Much more information is available by visiting our What We Do Page and clicking on the various links that are indicated there.


If you've already looked at our website and are still unsure about what you want to do send us an application or message and we will be more than happy to discuss the options you have available. Black Rayne Productions will be happy to make suggestions for you by phone. Just give us a call at 678-765-0418 or toll free 877-828-0102 during normal business hours 10-5 Monday - Friday.

What To Expect On Set

Preparing for a photo session need not be a stressful event.  With a few minutes of careful planning, you can make the most of your time with us.


Adult Photo Set

  • Make sure you have a VALID picture ID with you. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 is allowed to work with Black Rayne Productions. Don't even apply. Sorry!
  • Be certain you have a haircut and facial hair is trimmed and neat unless the shoot caues for a more grunge look. Your set director will advise you of what you need to look like.
  • Make sure that you have the proper clothing as directed by the set director. For the most part we want a masculine thug/prep look depending on your features and a couple pair of "sexy" sensual underwear that excentuates your physical features. 
  • Be sure to come showered and smelling good. Image is everything. Make a great impression instead of just a good one.
  • If you're utilizing our make-up services, do not apply cosmetics beforehand. Once again the set director will let you know if that will be an option or is even necessary.
  • Bring your "A" game.
  • Before you arrive begin brainstorming in your mind the type of poses you want to bring to the table and any creative concepts you may have.
  • OWN THE SHOOT! Do ya thang shawty and you will have a successful shoot!
  • Have fun!


Adult Video Shoot

  • Make sure you have a VALID picture ID with you. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 is allowed to work with Black Rayne Productions. Don't even apply. Sorry!
  • Be certain to have showered and shaved. All those models cast or performing as a bottom are required to use a FLEET prior to beginning the video shoot.
  • Review and know what you are expected to do as you will be briefed by the set director.
  • You are a performer. Its very different from having sex with a friend or lover or occassional hook-up.
  • Be verbal- no bitch moaning, be a man!
  • There are many other things you can expect during a video shoot. Most of the information you will need to know will be conveyed to you by the Director of your shoot.
  • Bring ya "A" game!

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Pay Expectations

As a top producer of adult videography and photography, those models who apply with us to be featured in our movies or adult photo shoots are compensated for their services.


We post video clips on social networking sites like,,, as well as our company owned websites. We use images for marketing and pay per view sites as well.


Models wishing to do mainstream photos are welcome but fees are applied for those services.


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