2015 HIV/STD Testing Policy

Black Rayne Productions, Inc
Health and Wellness Procedures
HIV/STD Testing Instructions

Attention Model Prospects:


It is the goal of Black Rayne Productions to produce a high quality erotic product to our customers. However it is not at the expense of you the talent. Our company has instituted MANDATORY testing for ALL models before they are allowed to shoot. Please note below.

PROTOCOL: All models must have a current HIV test within the last 14 days and a current STD test for Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia and other STDS within 7 days of the shoot. THIS IS REQUIRED!

1. For local models in the ATL area.
a. Models can go to our partner organizations listed below. AID Atlanta for STD testing only. (please contact us for specific testing days)

AID ATLANTA – Kenneth Cooper (POC) 404-870-7825
1605 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

• The STD test take 5-10 days to get results back and they will indicate over the phone your results. However they will also provide you with paperwork or upon signing of a release form they can fax
the paperwork to our office.

139 Ralph McGill Blvd
Suite 301
Atlanta, GA 30308
• The HIV test is an oral swab. Takes about 20 mins for results and is 99% accurate. They will then give you a card with your name on it and you’re results. This can then be given to us to make a copy for our records.

2. For out of town models.
a. Models may visit their primary care doctor or their local health department for test. Some test however are not immediate, so you may want to research the best place to get your test done. We will need to have the documentation either faxed to us or have it upon arrival to the set. We will make a copy for our records.
b. There are also organizations that may be able to assist you at no charge in this effort.
c. Before we book tickets or anything health documentation MUST be done.

**This may seem tedious to some and a lot of work to do porn but the safeguarding of our models is our primary concern. Your
test results are 100% confidential**

**We do allow HIV positive models to work with our company but there are additional safe guards that are taken as well.  ** We are an equal opportunity employer.

**For more information on our HIV/STD procedures, please give us a call 678-973-0114


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