What Models Can Expect To Be Paid

At Black Rayne Productions we strive to offer competitive compensation packages. We evaluate model pay on a case by case basis. Pay depends on many factors.


Physical Looks (face plays a big part here)

Physical Assets (Dick size, body type i.e. muscular, athletic built etc)

Interview Evaluation (What you are and are not willing to do)

Performance (based on submitted videos from applicants or can be        based on your first shoot with the company.)

Overall Marketability - Can we really promote you and can u bring bread to the table based on your work!)


However as an industry standard(adult entertainment) we will provide what most models can expect to receive for compensation. (These rates are not guaranteed. They are industry standard rates, some may be more, some maybe less.)


Adult Photo Shoot                                            $175.00-300.00

Adult Video Shoot (Solo)                                   $250.00-400.00

       Adult Video Shoot (Duo/Group)                         $400.00-$1500.00

       Level One Models (newbies or unknown)             $350.00 1st Shoot


**Please note if you have NEVER done adult work before or have done work but we can verfify then you will start at beginner pay which is $350 per shoot. The more you've done the more we can offer you**


**Our company also provides incremental pay increases for models who have tenure with the company. Increases are offered at 50-100 dollars per shoot per increase.


**Exclusive contracts are also available** Call to inquire about the perks of signing on exclusive with Black Rayne for 6-12 months. Its fiyah!


If you are seriously interested in being apart of the elite and being an adult video model please visit our online application to apply.


Those interested in becoming a mainstream model, please visit our online form and send us your information.

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To book your session now, give us a call or fill out our online application.

Pay Expectations

As a top producer of adult videography and photography, those models who apply with us to be featured in our movies or adult photo shoots are compensated for their services.


We post video clips on social networking sites like xtube.com, tradebanging.com, rude.com, adultspace.com as well as our company owned websites. We use images for marketing and pay per view sites as well.


Models wishing to do mainstream photos are welcome but fees are applied for those services.


The Real Deal

Pay & Compensation

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